Friday, August 26, 2011

McDonald’s New Big Blast Desserts Anyone?

Are you a desserts lover?  Then McDonald’s new Big Blast Desserts should be good news!

I recently saw this Big Blast Desserts from McDonald’s ads. It says that the new Big Blast is similar to the favorite McDonald’s desserts, only bigger!

It's two layers of sweet goodness with the Double Hot Fudge Sundae or Double Hot Caramel Sundae. If you seem torned between the two like me, then the Hot Fudge Hot Caramel Sundae Duo is for us – both our favorites all in one cup. :)

Completing the Big Blast Dessert line-up are the Oreo Overload McFlurry and the Monster Coke McFloat. Yummy!
McDonald’s Big Blast Desserts
I hope I do get the chance to indulge and try the new Big Blast Desserts soon :) It's time to visit a McDonald’s store / McDonald’s Dessert Center or order through McDelivery, 8-MCDO (8-6236) / What do you think?

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