Thursday, January 28, 2010

San Miguel Pale Pilsen Time!

Good time lovers and beer drinkers have something to be festive about since the start of the week. This is because San Miguel Beer has started its newest promotion called Pale Pilsen Time Na!

San Miguel brewery Inc, (SMB) has recently launched the Pale Pilsen Time Na (It's Pale Pilsem Time!) promo where with every two pale pilsen bought, the customer gets another pale pilsen and a plate of peanuts as pulutan - all for free. Some also refer to it as 2+1+peanuts.

Check out the list of participating bars here.

San Miguel kept in mind the objective of providing
"fun-loving Filipinos with an exciting venue where the barkada can regularly meet, exchange honest-to-goodness conversations, be themselves and celebrate after a hard day's work."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yummy Dessert In A Freind's Birthday Party

A few days ago, we had a special birthday party of a friend held in The Palm Grove inside the Amorsolo Tower in Rockwell Center.

We had a good dinner care of Hizon's Catering. There were servings of chicken, beef, and fish. But the three nameless desserts caught my attention especially the Chocolate Mousse with cream and cocoa powder. The first two desserts were actually not good but the third one made up for it and more.

The Chocolate Mousse was deliciously good that I had to go back and help myself with two more servings. In short, I feasted on it. And I only stopped cause it ran out. :)

A toast to the Chocolate Mousse! Yummy! :)

Yummy Manila Is Served!

Yummy Manila is the newest food blog in town who will serve you dishes of experiences as yummy and delicious as the best desserts you could imagine. :)

We want to taste the best entrees of the best restaurants. We want to savor the best dishes of the best chef of the city. The best food with the best ingredients. We want the good life through good food. We want it Yummy!

Not to be mistaken as limited only to the city of Manila, Yummy Manila will represent our food adventures and experiences from the solitude of the local small street corner canteen to the master's wok of a great Eastern continent.

Join Yummy Manila as we taste the nourishment and sustenance the world has to offer. Feel free to share your foodie escapades with our blog us well and get your article published! :) Yummy!