Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eating Safe this Christmas with Bounty Fresh

An increasing number of double dead meats are sold in the market especially during holidays. A lot of food products nowadays especially chickens are sold in plastic bags and sealed containers. However, these are still open and exposed to possible contamination especially when hand-handled by human hands. This is where Bounty Fresh can protect its chickens best.

Consumers are vulnerable to such schemes and many are rather clueless on how to detect which meats and poultry to buy and which to avoid.  “Ladlad” system, where meats and poultry are exposed in open air makes it difficult for buyers to find out the true state of the products they are buying.

Then a solution comes in. Vacuum packaging is an innovative method that removes air from the plastic packaging before sealing it to prevent contamination. This also locks in freshness of chicken and its natural delicious taste. It has been a very effective way of controlling growth of bacteria in foods while extending its shelf life for up to five times the normal storage life. Vacuum-packaging has also been a standard form of packaging of dry goods, sausages and chicken in Europe and in the United States.

Bounty Fresh, a leading broiler integrator in the country and a pioneer in vacuum-packing chicken, introduced vacuum-packaging of chicken in early 2000.  According to Ms. Patricia Cheng, group marketing manager of Bounty Fresh Food, Inc., “Vacuum-packaging extends shelf life of chickens. Furthermore, the weight of the chicken is maintained   Vacuum-packaging also enhances the texture of chicken while maintaining a reasonable price.  It’s an added-value for consumers who want only the best for their families.

According to Ms. Ana Maria Bacudio, microbiologist at the Manila Health Department, “vacuum-packaging controls contamination and spread of bacteria in the product.” She adds “It also ensures that products are clean and retains its freshness and original taste.
This Holiday season we encourage consumers to make sure that the chickens they are buying are fresh and safe to cook for the family.  That is why Bounty Fresh is one with the government in informing the public safe way to prevent them from buying double dead meats.” Cheng concluded.
Enjoy safe eating celebrations with family and friends with vacuum packed Bounty Fresh chickens.

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