Thursday, October 28, 2010

365 Days of Gratitude with Toblerone

On this same month last year, we recognized an effort for a National Thank You Day in my other food blog where Toblerone spearheaded the “National Thank You Day” initiative about three years ago.

This eventually led to Mayor Alfredo Lim officially declaring October 20, 2007 to be Manila’s first “National Thank You Day.”
"When Toblerone first launched National Thank You Day in 2007, it was as a response to Reader’s Digest Global Courtesy Test in which Manila ranked number 22 and among the least courteous cities in the world. It also became a call to arms for Filipinos to revive the lost art of saying ‘Thank You.’ Now, two years after, the country has been recognized as the Most Courteous Asian Country among recent surveys."
Last year, we saw the celebration of the first Thank You Day Awards where Filipinos recognized former President Corazon Aquino as the person Filipinos should be grateful to the most.
To celebrate 365 days gratitude from April to May this year, Toblerone recognized people who have shown support and strength as second mothers to the lucky winners of the Second Mothers Day Promo. 
Why Pinoys Need to be Grateful

Thank you” is a phrase seldom heard these days, but with just a little extra effort, we can all make a pact to change that. There would definitely be a lot more smiles to go around.

Mich Santillan, Brand Manager of Kraft Foods (Philippines) says
Smiles are contagious, and soon enough, people will be going to work and back home with smiles upon their faces. To those who feel inadequate or unappreciated, the words ‘thank you’ are a simple and effective balm. To those who feel despair, those words let them know that there is still something good to hold on to.

The goal of Toblerone is to make it a habit among Filipinos to say ‘thank you.’ Toblerone supports the initiative to make “National Thank You Day” an official day in the Philippines. The brand, known for its signature triangles of smooth Swiss chocolate—perfect for gifting and  sharing with your friends, family and co-workers—wishes to encourage Filipinos a mindset of camaraderie, collectiveness, and harmony.
To celebrate 365  Days of Gratitude, from July to August this year, Toblerone chose ten epic stories of friendship that inspired us to think of the many different reasons to be Thankful for our friends.
Begin your 365 days of gratitude. Smile and help out by doing your part and say “Thank you.” Spread the good vibes with Toblerone, the official “Thank You” chocolate of the world. It’s time make the world a more thankful and happier place.

Find out more about making October 20 a National Thank You Day and visit for details and feel free to sign up.

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